Pro-Trump Gathering In Eugene Sees Fights, Arrests

Jan 9, 2021

A pro-Trump “Stand Against Socialism” rally was held in Eugene Saturday afternoon.  There was some violence early into the event.

A few dozen Trump supporters gathered on the steps of the federal courthouse, decrying COVID-19 protocols, the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, and what they say is a growing threat of socialism in U.S. politics.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Eugene Police were quick to declare a riot after several Trump activists fought with counterprotesters outside the federal courthouse.  Some members of the right-wing, nationalist group, The Proud Boys, were reportedly seen but dispersed early.  The crowd - initially put at about 70 people including Trump supporters, counterprotesters, and passersby - complied with EPD directions to disperse away from the busy intersection and back towards the courthouse steps.

A pair of Trump supporters sit and listen to speeches criticizing Oregon Governor Kate Brown, the Democratic Party, and mainstream media.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The rest of the event saw a core group of about twenty Trump supporters. Several called for Governor Kate Brown’s arrest for her COVID-19 lockdowns; others repeated groundless claims that Biden stole the election from President Trump in key battleground states, then argued for tighter scrutiny of ballots.  

“…no barriers for poll inspectors to do their job and make sure that the results are legitimate, regardless of their COVID stipulations issued by petty, tyrannical governors,” said one speaker.

One other speaker talked of the right wing winning the culture wars, while EPD personnel kept a close - but low-profile presence.  One person waved a transgender rights flag opposite two men waving a Trump banner and an American flag.

As of 4:00pm Saturday, Eugene Police reported three arrests for disorderly conduct. The incident follows Wednesday’s violent occupation at the nation’s capitol building, where five people died.  

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