Spectrum Restores Service To Fire-Ravaged McKenzie River Corridor

Jan 27, 2021

Nearly four months after the Holiday Farm Fire blazed through the McKenzie River Corridor, a telecommunications company says it’s restored phone, internet, and television services for customers.

Ruins of a Blue River neighborhood, taken in late October, 2020.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Danielle Wade is Spectrum’s area vice-president of field operations. 

“More than 30 miles of our network was destroyed in the fire," she told KLCC.  "The impacted area stretched roughly from Vida to McKenzie Bridge.

"Immediately upon assessing the damage, we really knew that completing these repairs was going to be a massive project that would require a substantial investment.”

Phone, cable, and internet services were greatly disrupted by the regional wildfires last year.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Wade urged Spectrum customers to call (1-833-460-0307) to set up appointments. She said while it’s difficult to safeguard against wildfires and mudslides, crews work to be constantly prepared for future outages and damage.

The Holiday Farm Fire began Labor Day evening and burned 173,000 acres.  Rebuilding many of the affected communities is projected to take years.

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