Bike theft

Jeff Blonde, EPD

Eugene is a bike friendly city and thieves know it. To keep bicycle thieves at bay, law enforcement relies on bike owners to practice theft prevention tactics.

Emerald Media Group

The University of Oregon’s Emerald Media Group started a GoFundMe to repair two of its newspaper delivery bicycles which had been stolen.


Eugene Police are warning of increased break-ins into people’s garages in recent weeks. While some burglars used tools, many got in through unlocked doors and entrances.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Warmer weather is encouraging more outdoor activity, including biking. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, Eugene officials and biking advocates are reminding people to safeguard their ride.

Eugene Police Department

Among other things, the Eugene area is known for bike theft, especially downtown.  The police department is working to keep this from happening.

Corvallis Expands Bait Bike Program

Sep 1, 2018
City of Eugene

After signs of success the Corvallis Police Department is expanding its bait bike program.

Eugene Police

UPDATE: As of 10:05am today (6/6) Eugene Police report the bike was recovered thanks to local cyclists who tracked it down.

Someone stole a bike from a cyclist on a cross country bike race who stopped in Eugene Monday.

EPD Encourages Residents to Register Their Bikes

Nov 1, 2017
Daniel Radding, The Daily Californian

The number of bikes registered with the Eugene Police Department is up this year. But EPD says bike thefts also increased from September 2016 to September 2017.'s Billie Grace Ward

Eugene police are using “bait bikes” to catch bicycle thieves in the act.  Last week, two men were arrested after they made off with bikes being monitored by officers. 

Rachael McDonald

As the weather warms up in the Pacific Northwest, more people are riding their bicycles. But in bike-friendly college towns like Eugene and Corvallis, bike theft also increases during the spring and summer.

It's a story many people who commute by bicycle know well. Eugene resident Aaron Brussat had locked his bike outside of Falling Sky Home Fermentation Supply Shop, where he worked.