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Affordable housing is among the issues U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is discussing on his latest tour of Oregon. 

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The Eugene Chamber of Commerce has released its first report on homelessness, which includes recommendations for alleviating the crisis.  

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Eugene city councilors passed an ordinance, 7-1, Monday restricting how long people can park in one spot. The move is meant to deter people living in vehicles from staying more than three days in one area.

The City of Eugene is partnering with White Bird Clinic to provide a downtown location for primary care and behavioral health services to the unhoused.

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Attending higher education can be exciting. Not only is it an opportunity to learn, it’s a chance to make new friends and engage in new experiences. But navigating college can be even more challenging if students’ basic needs aren’t met. 

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The Eugene City Council Monday heard the results of a community engagement effort on public safety priorities.

KLCC To Host Virtual SNAP Information Session

May 3, 2021
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In 2019, 41% of surveyed Oregon community college students experienced food insecurity. Statewide, roughly 1 in 4 Oregonians are experiencing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


To help people put more food on the table, KLCC is hosting a virtual information session on the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

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The Eugene City Council heard public testimony Monday night on a proposal to expand places for people who are homeless to park and tent-camp.

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Lane County will add two new microsites in Eugene for the unhoused at the end of April. While temporary, the county plans to reuse the sites for emergency shelter during the winter season.

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A Lane County jury found a homeless activist who challenged a curfew in Eugene’s Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza guilty of misdemeanor trespass this week. The challenge was based on the first amendment.


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Eugene’s Red Lion Hotel will soon house people displaced by last year’s severe wildfires.  Lane County Human Services has purchased the building through Project Turnkey, a state initiative that funds the purchase of hotels and motels for housing purposes. 

Program Date: Feb. 12, 2021

Air Date: Feb. 15, 2021

This City Club program is the second in a three-part series on local housing issues.

From the City Club of Eugene:

Oregon’s Legislature took the historic step to re-legalize traditional “missing middle housing” in 2019, but the work to build housing diversity and more inclusive neighborhoods has just begun.

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The City of Eugene recently adjusted policies on urban camping given COVID-19. But, advocates say the rules only dictate where the unhoused can’t stay, not where they can.

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While communities across the country have delayed or cancelled their annual homeless point-in-time counts because of COVID-19, Lane County will proceed with theirs this year. They’re relying on a database to conduct the count safely.

Normally, Lane County counts the unsheltered with hundreds of volunteers who find and survey people who may be homeless. 

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The advocacy group, Stop Death on the Streets held their 2nd annual vigil in Eugene on Friday Jan. 8. About 100 people came to mourn the lives of homeless people who died in the past year. 

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The Eugene organization Youth Era is opening a drop-in center for students in need of resources. The program will begin as soon as COVID-19 protocols allow.

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Lane County has begun dispersing Pallet shelters to its cities, including loaning several to smaller communities. The temporary structures are part of an effort to increase non-congregate shelter options for the unhoused.

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The perception that most homeless people are from out of town isn’t accurate, says a local official charged with analyzing the issue.

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Eugeneans have given incumbent City Councilor Emily Semple another term for Ward 1.

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The Technical Assistance Collaborative report, known as the shelter feasibility study, was released in 2018 with a five-year goal of decreasing the number of chronic homelessness in Lane County. But, at the time it was created it wasn't using the best data, nor did it account for a global pandemic and a destructive wildfire.

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Between the COVID-19 pandemic and a recent grant, the Eugene Mission has re-invented its work with the unhoused. 

A new tracking system has been adapted to demonstrate the scope and need of homeless populations in Eugene and throughout Lane County.

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The head of an affordable housing agency in Lane County says it’s an "exciting time" for them. 

Chris Hecht

Many advocates in Lane County are worried about the chronically unhoused and what will happen to them after today’s (Friday) closure of two COVID-Relief respite shelters. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert reached out to White Bird Clinic—an organization with 50 years’ experience of helping people on the streets. Executive Coordinator Chris Hecht talks about his concerns and what kinds of solutions they advocate for.

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Washing your hands with soap and water has long been touted by health officials to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and other diseases. For Lane County’s 2,000 plus unhoused population, that could be a problem. The county says they’re working on a solution.

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The city of Cottage Grove is one wall closer to completing "Legion Cottages," after a wall raising ceremony on Monday. The plan is to build four tiny houses to increase affordable housing options for homeless veterans in rural areas.

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Despite a disruptive protest last weekend, the owner of Eugene’s Elk Horn Brewery says business is rebounding.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, their work continues on reducing “lawlessness” across the downtown.

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A small group of homeless advocates staged a protest at a Eugene restaurant on Saturday night, using a megaphone to claim the owner is anti-homeless. The group of activists entered Elk Horn Brewery, unfurled a banner over the banister that read “Housekeys not Handcuffs,” and handed out posters.

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Across the nation last week, counties participated in an annual tally of people who are unhoused. KLCC’s Elizabeth Gabriel tagged along with a pair of volunteers in Eugene to see what it’s like to be a point-in-time counter.

Lane County has been awarded over $3.5 million dollars to fund homeless assistance programs in 2020. It’s from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD.

The funding has been allocated to county programs that help homeless people with permanent and transitional housing and a service known as “rapid re-housing.” Jason Davis is Lane County spokesman.