OCF 2019

Rachael McDonald

Organizers say the Oregon Country Fair had its largest crowds in decades this weekend in Veneta.  The 3-day festival drew more than 58,474 people.

Rachael McDonald

The White Bird Clinic provides free or low cost health care for people with low incomes in the Eugene area. They've also been taking care of people's mental and physical health at the Oregon Country Fair since the first fair in 1969. 

Oregon Country Fair

Oregon Country Fair kicks off its 50th year on Friday in Veneta. The three-day festival is expected to draw its largest crowd in history.

Harry Gross

This year, the Oregon Country Fair was designated an Oregon Heritage Tradition. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert takes a walk down memory lane with an archivist, a museum curator and an historian to reminisce on 50 years of Fair.

KLCC at the Oregon Country Fair 2019

Jun 20, 2019

KLCC 89.7 FM broadcast live from the 50th Oregon Country Fair on Saturday July 13 and Sunday July 14,  2019, noon-7 pm each day.   KLCC brought the music of the Main Stage plus the  fun and ambience of the Fair to everyone with a radio, computer or smart device!

Unknown/Brian Bull / KLCC

Heavy winter storms damaged structures at the Oregon Country Fair site in Veneta this year. And KLCC’s own booth is no exception.

Cynthia Wooten

The Oregon Country Fair celebrates its 50th birthday this summer. On Saturday, a celebration will mark the designation of the fair as an Oregon heritage tradition.

KLCC Radio Adventures at Oregon Country Fair 1992-2018

Aug 1, 2018

B E S T   F A I R   E V E R !

KLCC Radio Adventures at Oregon Country Fair 1992-2018

By Tripp Sommer, June 2018
[Editing and photos by Gayle Chisholm]

  On Thursday, July 7, 2017, my wife Sandune and I headed to the Oregon Coast.  Highway 126 takes us west, through Veneta.  This is the day before the Oregon Country Fair opens to the public.  In previous years, we would have been heading to the Fair instead of the coast.  But I just retired from KLCC and this is the beginning of things being different.