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Saturday afternoon, Washington Jefferson Park in Eugene was teeming with the sound of basketball games and chants for Black justice.  It was all part of the “Speak Up and Dribble” event.

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A now former leader with the Black Unity group has stepped down, to focus on other things while still helping the Eugene community.

Friday Night Protests in Eugene and Springfield

Jul 11, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

On Friday, Eugene and Springfield both saw protests that drew out large groups of attendees.

Nathan Bouquet

Black Unity held a protest last night starting at the Springfield Public Library and urged participants to come armed with pots, pans, and blowhorns.

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A Black Lives Matter protest in the unincorporated community of Deadwood on Saturday attracted up to 60 attendees. Organizers planned the event as an outlet for children to stand in solidarity with the widespread movement. It's only one step organizers said they are taking in the fight for racial justice in their community.

Black Unity Group Leads March for Member Hit by Car

Jul 3, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

Last night, Black Unity held a march to demand justice for member Isiah Wagoner, who was hit by a car last Sunday during a children's march. Wagoner, known for his community involvement and activism in the Black Lives Matter movement, is recovering at home after being released from the hospital. 

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A Black Unity activist suspects “pure anger” was behind a driver’s motive for striking him with his vehicle at a children’s march last month.

Anni Katz

Dozens of people protested outside of Market of Choice in Eugene Monday.

Kendall Hocking

Employees at Market of Choice in Eugene plan to protest outside of the Willamette Street store today [Monday] to protest the company’s unwillingness to allow them to wear masks that say “Black Lives Matter”.

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A gathering in Eugene’s Owen Rose Garden Sunday afternoon called 'Indigenous Solidarity with Black Liberation' was held to show support with the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as highlight an issue that’s haunted the Native American community: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (#mmiw).

Transgender Group Holds Protest in Downtown Eugene

Jun 27, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

Transgender advocacy group “TransPonder” held a march with about 150 people in Eugene, Saturday. The event was meant to shed a light on injustices faced by the LGBTQIA community.

Transgender Advocacy Group to Host Civil Rights Protest

Jun 25, 2020

Local transgender advocacy group TransPonder plans a civil rights protest this Saturday in downtown Eugene. The event is designed to acknowledge injustices faced by LGBTQ and BIPOC communities.

Aubrey Bulkeley

Black Unity protesters marched in Eugene Wednesday night in what the group calls an education protest. Approximately 150 people marched through the Whiteaker neighborhood.


BIPOC Protests Outside of Mayor Vinis' House

Jun 24, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

Last night, the BIPOC Liberation Collective gathered to peacefully protest Eugene city council's planned budget for the police department, which was decided upon on Monday night.

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In these times of social unrest, many historic ties to racism are being revisited. That’s been seen recently in everything from the toppling of statues to the rebranding of pancake syrup.  Now as KLCC’s Brian Bull explains, the next step could change the very name of Lane County.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Friday morning, activists with Eugene BIPOC Artists Collective painted "BLACK LIVES MATTER" on the 8th Avenue side of the Wayne Morse Federal Courthouse.

Brian Bull / KLCC

An acclaimed traveling activist and philanthropist came through Eugene today.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, his arrival reflects an ongoing problem for Black Americans, everywhere.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Teachers showed support for black lives today outside the federal courthouse in Eugene. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, this is the fourteenth straight day of events calling for justice reform and Black empowerment.

Aubrey Bulkeley

The Black, Indigenous, People of Color, or 'BIPOC, Liberation Collective led roughly 300 protesters in a silent march through Eugene last night. Supporters walked through the city to protest police brutality and systematic racism. 

Eugene-Springfield NAACP

The Eugene Springfield NAACP, local clergy, and community leaders joined Tuesday to voice support for Black Lives Matter. This comes as protests continue against systemic racism and police brutality against people of color.

Brian Bull / KLCC

The Lane County Board of Commissioners Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Jim Urquhart / NPR

NPR brings you live coverage of the funeral for George Floyd, 46, who was killed by police in Minneapolis on Memorial Day. The service is at The Fountain of Praise in Houston.

Brian Bull / KLCC

More than a thousand activists gathered at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza Sunday, to discuss justice reform beyond marches and rallies.

Aubrey Bulkeley

Hundreds of people joined leaders of Black Lives Matter Eugene to peacefully protest through downtown Springfield Saturday night.

City of Eugene Livestream

In a joint press conference, the mayors of Eugene and Springfield – as well as a Lane County Commissioner – condemned police brutality and the oppression of people of color.

Jay Eads

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to push for justice reform. Spurred by George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis police, activists like Isiah Wagoner are doing their part to spread awareness, and not let their message be co-opted by violent agitators outside the group.  

KLCC’s Brian Bull spoke to Wagoner about recent events here in Eugene, including last Friday’s destructive riot near the downtown.

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After the death of George Floyd, protests have erupted across the nation in response to racism and police brutality. In Eugene, an estimated crowd of 7,000-10,000 people peacefully came together on Sunday to promote equality. 

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Federal officials in Oregon are denouncing hate crimes and discrimination sparked by xenophobia. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, much has followed the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.  

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Over the past few weeks, the Trump administration has made many changes that impact immigrants.